Why You Should Always Provide In-Scale Product Images on Your Ecom Store

Tanner Larsson
2 min readAug 5, 2021

Have you ever been shopping online for a specific product, found what you’re looking for, but have no idea of that product’s size? It’s super frustrating when ecom stores don’t provide images that show the relative size of a product. There should always be at least one product image in scale.

An in-scale image is one that shows a product next to an object that most people would recognize. With that visual information, customers can begin to visualize the relative size of the product they’re thinking about buying.

Why Is It Needed?

Let’s say that you’re trying to buy a sports water bottle. You see the product cut-out image — an object that floats on a white background — but you’re getting no visual cues for judging relative size.

Potential buyers could look at the dimensions of the bottle in the product description or in the image itself, but that doesn’t typically help much. For one thing, people aren’t very good at visualizing dimensions like length, volume, and weight. Just think about visualizing “three ounces” of anything!

There may be descriptive information in the product description, but people often avoid reading product specifications in the wall-of-text product description.

People may assume that the product is larger than it is, only to be frustrated later once they receive the product. Frustration is not good for your ecommerce business!

In-Scale Images

If you place the product next to an object that’s familiar to consumers (e.g., a smartphone or in someone’s hand), people don’t complain about the product being too small or too large after they receive it. They have a clear expectation about the size of the product and aren’t as likely to have buyer’s remorse.

Having informative product images is crucial. Always provide at least one in-scale product image that presents the product with a familiar object. You can also use lifestyle photos for this purpose, such as someone pulling the product out of a backpack.


Most of us have difficulty identifying the actual size of a product when we shop online. As an ecom store owner, you want to be sure to provide at least one product image that shows the product in scale so that people have a clear expectation of that product’s relative size.

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Tanner Larsson

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